1. Successfully defended the integrity of a hand written will that had been challenged as ambiguous.  After trial, litigation attorneys from Ferguson Law Group obtained a determination from the Sixth District Court of Appeal that our client is sole beneficiary of an estate valued at approximately $20 million.
  2. Obtained an appellate court order upholding a lower court’s trust interpretation that was favorable to our client, a co-trustee acting with two of his brothers in the management of a trust that owned multiple commercial properties and was valued in excess of $30 million.
  3. Successfuly admitted to probate a will that had been shredded after the Decedent’s death.  Then negotiated the settlement of a post-probate contest to the will whereby our client paid a $20,000 settlement and was appointed estate administrator of the estate, which was worth in excess of $5,000,000.
  4. Asserted the rights of a client whose ex-husband died prior to transferring assets awarded to her in their divorce.  On the eve of trial, San Jose litigation attorneys from Ferguson Law Group secured a settlement valued at more than $700,000 for the client.
  5. Obtained a judgment for a trust beneficiary against the trustee who breached his duty of loyalty to the beneficiary.  The judgment was in excess of $130,000 and included an award of attorney fees.
  6. Represented an estate administrator in defending the Decedent’s will against allegations of forgery.  The settlement upheld the validity of the will and a gift of more than $2,000,000 to the Gates Foundation.
  7. Without filing any legal pleadings, attorneys from Ferguson Law Group negotiated a settlement worth more than $1,000,000 to our clients as beneficiaries of their mother’s IRA account.
  8. Negotiated the return of annuities valued at $400,000 to a 90 year old client who had been taken advantage of by an annuity salesman.
  9. Attorneys from Ferguson Law Group represented a husband sued for allegedly stealing millions of dollars while conservator of his wife’s estate. We negotiated a favorable settlement that allowed for the termination of the conservatorship, dismissal of all proposed penalties and, most importantly, the family remained intact.
  10. Settled on the second day of trial a dispute regarding a trustee’s accounting and secured the trustee’s liability to our clients as trust beneficiaries.
  11. Negotiated a client’s early termination of their commercial lease, which saved the company approximately $100,000.
  12. Defended a trustee, and son of the decedent, against claims brought by his step-brother for allegedly making improper loans to the client’s business with trust funds.  San Jose litigation attorneys from Ferguson Law Group negotiated a favorable settlement allowing the settlement proceeds to be repaid to the trust over time without damaging client’s business.
  13. Represented a trust beneficiary whose brother failed to account and distribute trust assets. Litigation attorneys from Ferguson Law Group successfully suspended the trustee via court order then negotiated a settlement whereby the trustee returned funds stolen from the trust.
  14. Suspended a trustee and forced the sale of a condominium through court order. The condominium was a trust asset and the trustee refused to vacate or pay rent for 4 years up to that point.  We obtained a settlement that provided our client with damages for past due rent and permitted her to sell the condominium as temporary trustee.
  15. Through mediation, negotiated the settlement of a will contest allowing our client to receive her entire intestate share of her father’s estate without filing any legal pleadings or having to appear in court.
  16. Obtained a court order for a client nullifying power of attorney obtained through improper means and reinstating our client’s power of attorney for her mother.
  17. The step-children of a decedent learned that shortly before their step-father’s death, one of his children convinced the decedent to sign a trust disinheriting our clients. Attorneys from Ferguson Law Group sued for financial elder abuse and undue influence and were able to obtain a favorable settlement for the clients in mediation.