The San Jose Trust litigation attorneys at Ferguson Law Group represent clients in all areas of probate and trust litigation and elder abuse.

Disputes can arise over the validity of a will or trust, the interpretation of a will, trust or other document, who will inherit the decedent’s assets as well as legal actions related to a fiduciary’s actions including surcharge actions.

The attorneys at Ferguson Law Group represent beneficiaries in order protect their interests in a trust or estate. They also represent executors, administrators, trustees, conservators, and other fiduciaries in defending against allegations of breaching their fiduciary duties.

Probate and Trust Litigation involves numerous factors beyond merely winning and losing. Often times there are family relationships, income, estate and real property tax considerations in addition to other sensitive issues. It is important to be represented by a qualified an experienced San Jose trust litigation attorney if you are faced with any dispute related to a probate or trust.