If a person suffers from mental or physical infirmities which affect their ability to manage their day to day needs, they may need a court-appointed conservator to handle their affairs for them.

A conservatorship is a court proceeding where a judge appoints a responsible person to care for another adult who cannot care for his or her person (i.e. housing, healthcare, grooming, etc.), estate (i.e. finances, property, etc.), or both.

The San Jose conservator attorneys at Ferguson Law Group represent clients who wish to be appointed conservator as well as family members or a proposed conservatee who may wish to contest the conservatorship.  Contact our office today for more information.


Guardianships are similar to conservatorships but they are for children under 18 years old.  A guardian manages the personal (i.e. housing, healthcare, etc.) and the financial needs of a ward. If you or a loved one needs assistance with the guardianship process, contact the San Jose guardian lawyers at Ferguson Law Group.